Wrapping up December’s Photo Project & a Giveaway!

Anyone else freezing their patooties off?!  It is currently hovering around 32 degrees here in Corvallis and I’m bundled up in ski gear, typing.  It is supposed to be 18 degrees tonight which to many of my midwestern/east coast friends is balmy, but geez Louise, BRRRRR.  Luckily I started working on the boys’ room yesterday and found all their hats, mismatched gloves and outgrown ski/snow pants.

I am so thankful for the push Kathi’s Book, Clutter Free, has already given me to get going on this journey for 2015.  I have tallied 465 items, bagged up and delivered them to the Goodwill and Library.  Attempting 45 more items before we head back to school on January 5th.  I don’t know about you, but trying to be focused and sort/clean/organize after work with the “assistance” of a 4 and 7 year old isn’t too productive.

Today’s task included purging calendars. My heart started palpitating seeing July 2013’s page. This was the month we moved to Oregon from California and we had an average of 3 events/ day seeing folks and saying goodbyes. Time to recycle that stressful memory. Anyone else hold onto calendars?!?


If you have decided to take on the challenge too, I would love to add you to our Facebook Group.  It is a great place to support one another in our 2015 quest for less clutter and more peace. We’ll be able to share questions, struggles, successes, pictures and thoughts.  Please let me know you are taking on the challenge in the comments below or in an email and I’ll add you to the group.

If you have a load of laundry to fold, dishes to wash, PURGING to do!!!…here’s a little podcast to get you inspired on the topic.  Kathi and Cheri Gregory talk about—

– Sorting through your stuff to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.
– Finding a space for everything and a use for everything you have.
– Leading your family & friends by example as you get your house organized.
– Get your life in order so that you can feel sane this year.

Listen Now.


Now for the fun part!  A giveaway!  Kathi has graciously offered a copy of her new book Clutter Free.

To be part of the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post.

In your comment, share the area in your life/house that scares you the most.

 Where/what do you need to attack the most?  

I will send one copy of the book to our winner.  Please leave your email info in the comment as well so that I can contact you.

I will choose a winner on Monday, January 5th so comment on, friends!





* * * * * * *

Almost done with the December Photo Project…




DPP 2014 :: December 28th ::  Make Music in the Heart

A perfect, yet challenging sentiment for our lives, post Christmas.




DPP 2014 :: December 29th :: Fringe Hours

More on this gem of a book soon, but digging into this with much anticipation for the implications.  Jessica’s book, The Fringe Hours, is all about making time for yourself amid work commitments, parenting responsibilities, household needs and life’s unpredictable moments.  It is GOOD.  And my reading companion was pretty cute too. {Jessica’s book comes out mid-February!}


 DPP 2014 :: December 30th :: What is a Weekend?

Dear Violet makes this astute statement in Downton Abbey. She is referring to the life of aristocracy, obviously…weekdays and weekends are virtually the same. But I would say, parenthood is pretty much the same. Weekends and vacations aren’t too different than weekdays. Minus the lunch packing and for me, classroom duties. Despite the great purge of 2015 already in action, I am keeping this mug as a reminder. Early mornings and sibling squabbles are temporary in the long term scheme of life. Catching up on Christmas letters and cards over mom’s shortbread and coffee. The Bunnells’ Christmas letter got me this morning, “[Parents], we know that you are not perfect, and we do not expect you to be. What you do matters. It matters to your kids and it matters to the world. It may not be seen by anyone else, it may never make a newspaper headline, but in the grand scheme of things, it counts more than anything else you might do.” Yup.

Whether 2014 has been good.  Or hard.  Or both…

Best wishes for a wonderful last day of the year.

On the 31st last year, I posted some great resources for goal-setting and reflecting if that’s your “gig”.

21 thoughts on “Wrapping up December’s Photo Project & a Giveaway!

  1. I am so excited to take this challenge in 2015! The area that scares me the most is also the area I can’t wait to attack: my basement! We have two (yes 2) storage rooms off my finished basement that are full of STUFF! I am sure there are boxes still unopened from 9 years ago when we moved in. It is going tone a long, tough project but one I’ve needed to tackle! 2015 is the year to do it! I bet I’ll hit 1000+ in that area alone….then onto the Master Closet I plan to go!

  2. The scariest room in our home that has the most clutter is the garage. I need to attack the tubs of craft materials that I have collected as a mom, 4-H leader and teacher. They are not particularly organized. I also need to organize my daughter’s memorabilia from all her years in school, sports and 4-H which are currently in random tubs.

    1. We had a woman who cleaned out her craft stuff and brought it to camp for us, Suzanna. It was the best MUTUAL gift. We both benefitted. Less stuff for her and the kids at camp benefitted!!! And yes, memorabilia. Oh Lord. Take pics and then make a small book (see comment to Whitney).

  3. I’m not sure which area scares me more the papers I stash away before someone comes over and never get to throwing out OR the boxes of memories from my mom and grandparents houses. Letting go of the sentimental stuff is hard but the walk down memory lane all at once feels big. The papers and cards just make me itch because it’s time I could be folding laundry or doing something more creative. I know, that sounds silly, and I know the truth is the more I procrastinate the worse it gets. This is the year to declutter and make room for sanity!

    1. Sentimental stuff is truly the hardest. I have been reading a lot about folks who take pics and then make a little book. Chatbooks makes 6 x 6 books for $6, 60 pages/volume. That could be an option :).

  4. My basement terrifies me — I’ve been wanting to transform one room into a dedicated playroom for my kids, but this subsequently requires reorganizing and purging items from the storage room (we had a water leak in June so plans went awry and things got more disorganized during that “crisis”). It feels so incredibly overwhelming, because I am very much “type B.” While I have a creative vision for this space, getting there will require lots of grunt-work, purging, organizational and spatial-planning skills. [ amymccaffree (at) yahoo (dot) com ]

    1. Maybe this is why I”m grateful I don’t have a basement! EEK. Playroom sounds awesome, Amy. We just went to our neighbors for dinner last night and they just finished a basement remodel after about a year of living in limbo. Now it is a welcoming fun place for their jr and sr high children and the cousins. They said the pain was worth it!

  5. My pantry gets so out of control. We have a tiny pantry so last year around the time you de-cluttered and organized I did the same and now it is a mess. I need to re-do it and re-do it right. I have deep shelves but not very many shelves so I need to figure out how to utilize them to their fullest! So scary to get in there and toss out stale stuff and figure out how to make sense of it and then to get everyone else to keep it organized as well! deep breath!

  6. Recipes!!! They don’t take up a lot of space compared to some piles of clutter, but there are hundreds of recipes in the newspaper food sections & magazines I’ve set aside. I know I’ll never try all these recipes–even today I started through one pile and discarded several that for various reasons I don’t find appealing anymore.

    I’ve been trying to get them in order–a couple years ago I started a 3 ring binder with favorites I’ve already made & others I intend to try; now I bookmark URLs to new recipes and save them into online folders, and I’ve recently been saving only tested, proven recipes to the RecipeBook app on my iPad.

    Today wasn’t a good day–I cut out 6 (yes SIX) new recipes from today’s paper (seems better though than saving the whole newspaper food section).

    My mom died 30 years ago and I still have a huge bin of her recipes that I held onto when we went through her things — some are ones she cut out from newspapers; others are in her handwriting. I’m afraid to open the bin!

  7. I’d love to join your challenge! This month I gave away 2 bookcases and 6 boxes of kids items to my local Buy Nothing neighbors, 15 garbage bags to Goodwill, and 15 bags/boxes of recycling and trash to the dump. We hosted a party last night and had lots of compliments from friends. It’s hard work and my big fear is our basement (we want to remodel a 1000 SF unfinished basement into a mother in law rental), but this early success has been inspirational!

  8. Oy! My big fear is the boxes of memorabilia from my childhood, high school years, and about 8 years of extensive travel/living overseas. So much stuff, so many memories, so much guilt about purging. I’ve been planning to use the “take a picture and turn it into a photobook” method, but just starting has been a huge roadblock. I’d love to join the Facebook Group! I want to tackle my house Marie Kondo style, but need more structure, I think.

  9. Stu and I are excited to attempt this challenge. We’ve moved houses every year for the past 4 years, so we’re used to purging, but there’s always that *stuff* that just moves along with us for whatever reason. I’m looking forward to purging and finding organizational solutions for our chaos!

  10. I would love to join the clutter free challenge. Our bedroom scares me the most. It doubles as our office and the piles go on forever.

  11. The garage is the most overwhelming. It is the dumping ground and storage for some of my mom’s things. So I have to purge carefully. There is also lots of family furniture, things that belonged to my grandmothers.

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