Hide & Seek at 26 Degrees



You’re jealous, right?  I played Hide and Seek with Drew at 7:00am outside and it was TWENTY-SIX degrees-ish..

 Sally, our dog, joined in too.

I was trying to capture this…



and this…



but Drew thought it was all a fun game.

Mommy out in the yard before the sun.

In her PJs.

In her socks.

Squealing from the cold.

Yelping at the views that kept getting brighter and brighter.

Sally was jumping around like a deer…cold paws?

I couldn’t decide which of the three pictures would be for today’s last image, so my last December Photo Project shot for 2014 is a collage.

Cheating, but oh well.


Last night, while walking to our neighbor’s house for dinner, Drew exclaimed,

“Look at the moon….it looks like golden treasure!”


Here’s to a 2015 filled with—

Looking Up (see last year’s thoughts on that here)

Finding the “treasure” in the everyday

and jumping into the seemingly silly moments, like hide and go seek in freezing temperatures.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


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