December Photo Project 2015

One of my favorite projects each year is the December Photo Project.  It pushes me to look in the everyday to find joy, beauty, silliness and take notice.  Usually I post the pictures here daily or weekly, but this year…it’s in one fell swoop.  Lots of December 2015 through the eyes of my boys and my students, but they are a big part of life these days in the best of ways.  Hope you had time to stop and take note during December too!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 1st

And so it begins….LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar and the December Photo Project!!! Almost forgot and had to spring out of bed to hide the calendar and all the advent slips for the month, but finished in the nick of time! We’ll see how it goes with odd days for Drew and even days for Alex…


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 2nd
New Christmas PJs


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 3rd
Time to craft that letter! Love…”do you like the Grinch?” Alex has decided to get lost in Harry Potter #4 instead….


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 4th

Drew ‘s OT traced his body yesterday and he was so excited by it that he had me do another one at home today. And then he added all the body parts and labels. I can’t get over his detail and just love this. Especially the brain. Now I know my obsessive talking about mistakes growing our wrinkly brains and creating neurons is sticking. My poor students and family won’t hear the end of it.


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 5th
Tomorrow is St Nicholas Day so today we are reading a few books about St Nicholas, setting out shoes and watching the Veggie Tales movie about him. This is a newer tradition for us that we began about 5 years ago….but I love the focus on the joy of giving (and putting oranges and gold, chocolate coins in stinky boys’ rain boots!)


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 6th
Tie Time!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 7th

Snowman poop! Bliss for Breakfast.

2015-12-08_1449611169December Photo Project 2015 :: December 8th
Sick Day…one stayed home with a fever. One got a migraine thanks to the Kenyan Drumming assembly. So, chicken with stars soup, saltines and Peanuts it is!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 9th
Youngest home sick again. Brotherly drama is kept at bay with books. Love hearing Drewsie read Llama Llama Holiday Drama. “Sometimes we should take a rest and hold the ones we love the best.” Meanwhile Alex, dressed as a 50 year old banker, is plowing through Harry Potter 5.


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 10th :: Worms!
Nothing quite like eldest bursting in the door and dumping out a huge pile of WORMS from his WATERBOTTLE into a Tupperware container. Science lover at heart.


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 11th

Love arriving home from my teaching day to an empty house but lots of evidence of a project. Matty must have been home baking! Love it!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 12th
“Ho, Ho Ho! What would you like for Christmas?!”
Me: “Well behaved children.”
“Santa”: “Well, we don’t have that…how about some makeup instead?! How about for you?”
Matt: “Peace and quiet.”
“Santa”: “Well, we don’t have any…”


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 13th

Woken up to the strains of, “Mom!!! It’s a Winter Wonderland!!!! We’re ice skating!!!” {aka…Netflix’s Winter Wonderland station, socked feet on wooden floor, Santa hats and lots of slipping}.


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 14th
Coloring and wrapping presents on another dreary afternoon. This one always brightens the gray days. He was just listening to “Santa Baby” and looked up and said, “So is this Mrs Claus singing to Santa?!?”


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 15th :: Reindeer Food!

Forgot to put something in the Advent Calendar for today so scribbled this on a scrap of paper at 2:30am when I was up to the bathroom with youngest. Love this idea from Kelle Hampton. simple project with random staples from your pantry. This year we only have stale tortilla chips and rock-hard dried blueberries. But it all works for reindeer food!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 16th

Let’s Go Warriors! Fun new sweatshirts from Macho Pop and LeiLei!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 17th
So immensely proud of these bunnies. Animal Reports DONE!!!! So much researching, writing, paragraphing, drawing & perseverance from these amazing 3rd graders!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 18th

Last day of school for the 2015 school year. My amazing job share partner made Room 15 checker boards and the kids were beside themselves. So so fun. Thankful we HAD school (since Corvallis was cancelled) and so grateful for the many volunteers who helped us host the Spirit of Giving. Each child left with 4 wrapped gifts for their family. Just amazing. Ready to rest and hopefully get my voice back. …if I survive my own boys!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 19th

Auntie Elena Visit and Game Day!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 20th
Lots of napping (by eldest and the furriest) and read all of Jennifer Weiner’s “Who Do You Love?”. The threat of library fines can work wonders! A book yesterday. Another today. Four more to go before Christmas! What Are you devouring these days?


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 21st :: reflection
“I am so excited. Only four more days Til Christmas, Mom!!!! I am going to be like Grandpa Jerry and buy myself a gift and write ‘To Drew From Santa’ and then I get exactly what I want. Did you know that I am reflected in all these ornaments?!? Today’s going to be a snow day. I know it.” Constant ramblings of a five year old.


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 22nd
Oh my goodness. This book will go down as one of my favorites. Some of the most stunning writing I have had the pleasure of reading.


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 23rd

Spreading out some Christmas presents …thus, 6am LEGO building. Thanks, Uncle James!!!!!


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 24th

Merry Christmas!


DPP 2015 :: December 25 :: No words needed. Merry Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 1.07.57 PM


DPP 2015 :: December 26 :: Christmas Dinner Take Two…my parents are on their way!


DPP 2015 :: December 27 :: Grandparent Monopoly tournament to pass the gray, dreary day. 🎲


DPP 2015 :: December 28 :: the whole family finally got to see it! And I loved it!


DPP 2015 :: Dec 29th :: New Red Shoes are so cheery on a dreary weather day.


DPP 2015 :: December 30 :: A Joyful Mystery {and in other news…clear, blue skies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}


December Photo Project 2015 :: December 31st
Writing thank you notes today and continuing to be overwhelmed by the generosity of our loved ones. A good way to end the year…practicing gratitude. Alex just said, “There are just so many gifts that I think I will write an organized list, grouping the items. Clothing. Entertainment. And finally, Etc.”


For more information about the December Photo Project, be sure to click on the picture below.  Already looking forward to 2016!


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