I love the chance to riff off of the traditional anniversary gift list each year…and this year is no different.  Today, Matt and I are celebrating 13 years of being married.  As our nanny said, our marriage has entered the teenage years!  Lord, have mercy.

13 has always loomed like a weird number and an odd anniversary (no mathematical pun intended…).  But here we are and really?  It’s feels great.  Arriving at LUCKY 13!  A Baker’s Dozen.  According to the research, 13 is “the number of upheaval so that new ground can be broken.”

 I am not sure if I buy into all the significance of numerology, but I love that the “gift” for 13th anniversaries is to be lace.  Yes, we could go the lingerie route.  But for blogging purposes, we’ll go for the pun instead.  Lace.  Shoe laces.  Used to secure footwear in place.  And even amid so much upheaval of 2016 and new ground to be broken in 2017, I feel the gift of a partner who truly is that lace for our family.  Securing us in place despite uneven ground, change, and times of disruption.

In the past year we enjoyed a few moments regaining perspective on ourselves as adults.  As normal humans not just parenting team members.  We had about 15 hours in Seattle to enjoy the Adele concert.  We tackled whole30 during the months of June & July.  We walked through work changes together, mostly a big decision and transition for me to go back to full time teaching at the same school as the boys.  It was an insanely difficult choice to make and having a partner that walks through those pros and cons and mostly lets YOU come to your own understanding is paramount.  We conquered some fears too (hello, walking in a dark cave with bats….eek).

So thankful for the chance to celebrate it all…dinner out at Bellhop and the Bachelor premiere.  Classy?  Always.  Here’s to THIRTEEN!

My Love.  Happy Easter!!! Bowling!!! Happy Mother's Day to me!  Cocktail in a watermelon!!42!!!! ❤️1 mile complete!  Bookin' It Run! #cbcplbookinitYippee!Cheesie Happy Adele Faces! ❤️My favorite wedding date forever and always.  Silly husband.Conquered my cave fear and nerves about bats today!  Lava Caves ☑️.1324290200897067085_5876272Happy Thanksgiving!  Turkey Trot ✔️!

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3 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. Hey you two! Here’s to many more years of “together”. I just ran across pics of when the Julians were at Deer Lake with us a “few” years back. So many memories. God Bless…Karen

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