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I am part of a wonderful & crazy family.  I am married to Matt and have two sons, Alex (born in May 2007) and Drew (born in October 2010).  Currently, I am serving as mom and calender keeper as well as “moonlighting” as a part time 3rd grade teacher each morning.  I love photography, reading, cooking, crafting/art, being outdoors hiking and walking.  I WISH I loved running and eating healthier, but I’m working on those two.  We seek to be a family that embraces adventure, love, laughter, Jesus and community.

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After a brush with death via a table saw, Matt realized that he wanted to be with me for the long haul (crazy story and scary that it took THAT to bring clarity!).  We married on January 3, 2004.  Matt’s a Presbyterian minister and has served in 3 congregations (Novato, San Rafael, Sunnyvale and now, Corvallis, Oregon) and also as the Program Director at Westminster Woods Presbyterian Camp.  I taught 4th grade from January 1998 – February 2008 and again from January – June 2012.  Weird time frames, and another long story, but those years were some of the most formative of my life. We enjoyed two and half years of ministry together at Westminster Woods from March 2008 – October 2010, overseeing the summer program, summer staff and other ministry aspects.  In July of 2013, we moved to Corvallis, Oregon for Matt to begin a new call as Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon.

Our two boys are a huge part of our lives.  Alex and Drew provide the majority of our stories and adventures these days as we navigate parenting.  For me, they also now have become my “work” as I’m a stay at home mom “part time” for this season.  I also teach 1/2 time as with 3rd graders.  This blog is my attempt to share some of the joys, trials, fun and events of our family as we navigate our stage of life.












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