Why “These Stones”?

“What do these stones mean?

He did this so that all the people

of the earth might know that the

hand of the Lord is powerful and

so that you might always fear the Lord your God.”

Joshua 4:22b,24

“Memory is an extraordinary thing.  Memory generates some of life’s happiest experiences—and some of our darkest nightmares.  How is it that we can conjure up experiences from our past, reconstitute them in our minds, and, in effect relive them?  In an age when we store vast loads of information on a tiny computer chip, perhaps the capacity of the human mind to record and replay life’s experiences may seem less magical.  But it is no less astonishing.  No foreseeable computer will be able to record and play back life’s learnings like the human mind.  Human memory stands unique.

No doubt this unique gift is ours by design.  God encourages us to use our capacity to remember as one of our strategies for spiritual growth.  The ancient Israelites were furnished numerous object lessons, such as the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles, all with the goal of helping them to remember.  In a similar way God has provided us the Lord’s Table:  ‘This do, in remembrance of me,’ said Jesus.  God apparently considers it important that His people remember.

Thus it follows also that it is important for us to remind, to help one another remember.  ‘Put them in remembrance,’ said the Apostle Paul to Timothy, and to Titus.  We are to look back, to conjure up what God has taught us in the past, and then pass along to others what we have remembered, so that they can remember too…

God instructed His people on their journey to erect physical markers ‘along the way as aids to their memory.  The idea was that they were to remember His gracious provision and protection for them in the past, so that they might be encouraged to trust Him in the present.”'”  (taken from Stones of Remembrance)

Almost ten years ago, dear friends, Phyllis and Scott Lorenz, used the words above as their affirmation of me as an advisor to Jay and Molly.  The words from this book and from the accompanying scripture were such a vivid reminder of what we are called to do in ministry….to be one who comes alongside people to help them remember God’s love for them.  This ability comes  from the times you have been hurting, and have felt God’s presence soothe and protect you  through the valleys.

I am grateful to have so many “tangible reminders”,  forces of “memory” that lead myself and others into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God and with each other.  It is my hope that any encouragement, amusement or crazy inspiration that comes from what is shared here might be a reminder to those who read it of a deeper purpose for our lives.


4 thoughts on “Why “These Stones”?

  1. This is so beautiful and I am so deeply touched. It just goes to show that what one says/shares can have an impact far beyond awareness . I am grateful to know what these words have meant to you, even though I did not pen them. Found Words.

    Love to you and your dear family.

    ps. What a lovely Blog! Where DO you find the time?

  2. I’m so glad to see that you are blogging. What a wonderful way to bridge the gap of miles between us~ I so miss you and Matt~ Not sure where you find the time, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, but however it gets done, thank you as I await the next and the next and the next~


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